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2000C Orange Juicer 1.Power supply:220--230V 50HZ /110--120V 60HZ 2. Power consumption : 370W 3. Size of orange required : 40--90mm 4. Output : 35-40 oranges/per minute 5. Machine Size :540L*610W*1350H mm (length*width*height) 6. Weight : 65 kg 7 . Security : Satety cut out switches the machines will not working without the cover place 8. Juicer collector:3L
2000M Orange Juicer 1. Power supply:220--230V 50HZ /110--120V 60HZ 2. Power consumption:120W 3. Size of orange required:40--80mm 4. Output: 22-25 oranges/per minute 5. Machine Size: 400L*300W*770H mm(长*宽*高) 6. Net Weight: 42kg 7.Security:Satety cut out switches,the machines will not working without the cover place
*The unique design of the vibration,juice yield very high *heavyweight ultra-high performance motor *built-in overload protection *perfect stainless steel structure design Power:180W Voltage:110V/220V Frequency:50HZ/60HZ Rotate speed:2800RPM Size:21x24.6x40.6cm N.W:15.2kg
*180W Power motor *Low noisy design * cast iron body with green painting Power:180W Voltage:110V/220V Frequency:50HZ/60HZ Rotate speed:1600RPM Size:35x25x39cm N.W:10kg
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